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Why with us

With so many tour companies out there, why choose Grand Trails Nepal ?

Our Sustainable Policy and performance:

All of Grand Trails Nepal A�staff is locally employed and all our guides are, ensuring a more authentic experience for travellers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. We use local products (food, vegetables, dairy products etc.). We are committed on providing services best available in the industry and make no compromise when it comes to guest’s preferences. Apart from the conventional promotional campaigns, we take pride in our return business that comes through word of mouth.

Our commitment to provide prompt and quality services exceeding guest satisfaction, and continued effort in maintaining the trend has won us some prestigious titles.

Social and Cultural Impact:

Grand Trails Nepal believes that it is possible to operate commercially in the Eco-Tourism Sector of the industry and also preserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area through promotion of sustainable tourism. In our work, we actively promote and implement this philosophy whenever an opportunity presents. The evident success is that our Trekking tours has achieved obvious rewards in the professional and commercial sense and has positively enhanced the travel and Eco-trekking experience of the Eco Tourist. We run and affiliated with some non government organization that is committed to providing the much needed health and education facilities to remote areas of Nepal. We work very close with the remote government school where people can come and share their experience.

Economic Impact:

We emphasize on making extensive use of the available local products and enhance maximum economic benefits to the local communities. In addition, we support rural development projects by contributing some % of the profit generated each trading year, thereby, have directly uplifted the living standard of the local residents and contributed to the national economy of Nepal and its neighbours.

Innovative Best Practices:

Grand Trails Nepal has been striving to open up remote areas of Nepal. We pioneered the first commercial ascents in the “wild routes” to the far West and East of Nepal and also specialized in trekking to virgin areas with formidable games and nature watching experiences that till then were inaccessible to the tourists. We strive to maintain the trend by making continuous effort in discovering interesting new destinations within the country. Furthermore, we have initiated cleaning campaigns in the nearby villages that involve a lot of local participation. The idea is to raise hygiene and environmental awareness in the villagers. Such campaigns also educate the villagers keep their villages and the surroundings neat and clean.

We are giving Back….

Our volunteer and donation efforts are at the core of Grand Trails Nepal is giving hand to hand to rebuild a school in Lang tang region where It’s what gives our tours heart and soul.

Since 2007, through donations from our clients, friends, families, and communities we were able to give a computer and sports equipment and some building construction fund to the school.

You can also support…

As a traveller, you also have a role to play in continuing our efforts on your trip, which is why we have written some guidelines on Responsible Travel for you to read.

These guidelines are not intended to be overbearing but simply clear and informative. They outline the standards of behavior that we expect from everyone who participates in our trips. The guidelines exist because we are privileged to be guests in local homes and communities, plus we want to promote sustainable tourism for both the benefit of the locals and so that travelers in the future can also visit and enjoy the same experience what you ahve now!.

When you read the guidelines, you may find yourself considering issues that might never even have crossed your mind before. The area of Responsible Tourism is not black and white, it raises some ethical questions to which there are no clear answers. But with a little preparation in advance of your trip and by reading these guidelines, you can rest assured that the only impression you will leave behind after your travels is a positive one.

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  • Nepal Mountaineering Association

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